Customer Relationship management

3 years working experience in CRM team, served clients including IBM, WWF, intel… Finished campaigns like, IBM express launches in China, WWF the ‘earth hour’ 2009 Beijing, Siemens ‘This is how’ China localisation… Especially good at developing concept idea in terms of direct marketing.

Earth Hour ‘Lights out’ invitation DM

Since the idea behind Earth Hour was asking companies to turn off their lights
on the specialday…. 

IBM ‘Smart Railway’ invitation DM

It is a section of “smart railway”,see what’s inside? 

IBM ‘Chinese Chess’ invitation DM

No worries about the “Economic Tsunami”, IBM can help you out
of the dilemma just like surviving in Chinese chess. 

IBM ‘pop-up’ case book

IBM is sharing successful cases for helping their clients building the
‘smarter industry’…

IBM “Air House” window sticker

Dream that’s difficult to achieve. This IBM internal window sticker image,
seen in combination wtih the outside view…