H&S: Scalp Brave Social Campaign

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敢出-‘Dare to show your head’ and ‘Dare to be stand out’

To leverage the summer football season, H&S launches a male defense Campaign names ‘ Scalp brave’. We adapted it into Chinese market with a punchy claim ‘敢出头’. In Chinese, it has a double meaning, which is ‘Dare to show your head’ and ‘Dare to be stand out’.

Cooperate with football stars, commentators, and relative KOLs, we encourage football fans support their team not only by arguing on internal, but also show themselves in real. It drives a trend on social, to have a scalp brave haircut and be stand out supporting their teams. Participants get the brand sprit of ‘No dandruff gives you confidence’, and their haircuts can even redeem the coupons to buy our products!



Viral videos made for Chinese national wide football forum, acted by real Chinese football fan and star.

dare to show your head

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It wins lots of impression on sports LBS, and make “敢出头” a trend among fans.